About The Documentary

We’re getting so close.  So much has changed over the past 8 weeks.  See below on both progress on the documentary and issues with PledgeMusic.

Documentary Progress:

Over the past 8 weeks our brilliant director, Norry Niven, and his team have spent dozens of sleepless nights editing and working towards a “final cut” of the documentary.  Back in April we did a “Work In Progress” screening at the Dallas International Film Festival and we got incredible feedback.  Since then, the documentary has just kept growing.  We could not be more proud of where we are today, so close to the final cut.

It’s been a very long 5 years working on this project and been eye opening in many respects.  We’ve hit many roadblocks along the way – one day we’ll talk more about those – but in true Blue October fashion, we’ve persevered and are excited to get this beautiful piece out to the public.

What happens now?  While we’re very close on the final cut; now begins the journey of marketing the film.  That starts with film festivals.  Over the next few months we will be submitting the documentary to many international film festivals around the world in the hopes of premiering it in Fall 2019.   Along with film festivals we will be looking for a distribution partner to help us take it worldwide.  Although it may seem simple to “just put it up on Netflix,” things are always more complicated than that, so we need the right partner to assist.

We’ll keep you informed along the way and the minute we have a firm release date for the documentary and will begin fulfilling, we will immediately let you all know. Read the Get Back Up official press release here. 


Some of you may have already been reading in the press that PledgeMusic has been having financial troubles.  In addition to navigating the logistics of creating a documentary, we have also had to navigate the fact that we’ve received no funds from our PledgeMusic campaign to assist in financing the documentary.  To be clear, we did receive funds from them to complete Things We Do At Night which was also part of the documentary campaign, but have not received any other funds in years.  The lack of funds has added to the complexity of this project.

 It doesn’t look good for PledgeMusic.  It appears they will likely fall into bankruptcy and we will not get paid any of the documentary funds.  To add to it, it’s unlikely PledgeMusic will have the ability to refund any of you.  This is not specific to Blue October – there are hundreds (if not thousands) of artists and fans who have used PledgeMusic who are going to get burned by their demise.

HOWEVER – Blue October will push through this and we WILL fulfill every order in our PledgeMusic campaign regardless of receiving funds from PledgeMusic.  If you ordered a DVD, BluRay, Poster, Red Carpet Event, or any other item that is still unfulfilled, you WILL get your item fulfilled by Blue October at the time we release the Documentary.

If you need to change the address for items purchased through PledgeMusic, please email getbackup.orders@bandwear.com with your name, email address and Pledge order number if you have it.

We know that many of you are impatient and rightfully so.  None of us imagined 5 years ago that it would take this long to complete.  At this point it is what it is and there is nothing we can do to erase the time it’s taken.  We ask that you stay patient with us just a while longer – we are certainly in the final stages of this process.


Forever grateful,

Justin and Blue October